J Rock - Into The Silent Chord Kunci Gitar

Into The Silent J Rock Chord Kunci Gitar dan Lirik Lagu

into the silent j rock chord kunci gitar lirik lagu

Judul Lagu : Into The Silent
Artis/Band : J-Rock 
Genre         : PopRock

Intro :  B  C

    B       C    B      C

the smiling moon sez to me
      B     C     B     C
there is no clash in my life
B       C        B       C
make me weak and make me sick
    B          C
and there`s no time
    B       C
and have no chance
      B   C   B   C
and i walk
         B   C   B   C
into the silent

        B       C       B    C
thought keep inside not even concluded
    B      C      B    C
the shadow hides eternity
    B        C           B       C
the ruler of darkness distorted gear
    B       C
and make it blur
    B       C
and i can`t see
        B   C    B   C
and i walk
         B   C   B   C
into the silent
        B   C    B   C
and i walk
         B   C   B   C
into the silent

Reff :
Em-F Dm       Em
     what can i do now
Em-F      Dm    Em
    there is no chance to proof
Em-F    Dm        Em
    i just fall to the ground
Em-F    Dm                  B-C B-C B-C B-C
    but still i hope i can fly.......

Interlude : B-C ...

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